Prof. Alexei Petrov

  • Education State Academy Minsk with Valentina Rachlenko, 2001 HfM Hanns Eisler in Berlin with Galina Iwanzowa-Hillenhagen since 2003 with Georg Sava
  • 2004-2007 collaborative pianist UdK Berlin
  • currently professor at the conservatory of his hometown Grodno
  • 1996 1st prize winner in the national Chopin competition, 1997 2nd prize "Citta di Trani" Italy.
  • soloist with numerous orchestras in Germany and abroad, solo recitals in Berlin, Hamburg, Warsaw, Moscow, Paris, Madrid etc.
  • 2018 awarded as Artist of the Year in Belarus

It's always nice to be back at the Academy.
Prof. Alexei Petrov, Belarus - Grodno Correpetitor

Prof. Alexei Petrov (A. Scriabin Poème Satanique Op.36)

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