Mathias Wohlleber

Mathias Wohlleber is one of the most renowned German bow making masters. He learnt the art of bow making from 1981-84 with Lothar Seifert in Bubenreuth, in 1990 he passed his master's examination and opened in the same year his own studio in Berlin. As co-founder of the initiative Eben! Holz e.V., he is committed to the protection of endangered woods for musical instruments. He was Curator of the Exhibition 19th Century Berlin Bows in Frankfurt in 2017, furthermore he is editor of important publications or Darling Publications and since 2016 he is together with Josef P. Gabriel expert for German bows the 19th and 20th century at the Cologne Expert Days.

the bow is even more personal than the violin
Mathias Wohlleber Master bow maker