International Violin Competition Hammelburg

From 22 August 2021 to 25 August 2021
For participants of the Violin Academy the registration for the competition is included. For participants under 27 years 100 Euro entry fee + 100 Euro for board and lodging in a double room. For participants over 27 years 100 Euro entry fee + 114 Euro for board and lodging in a double room.

Registration until 09.07.2021

Repertoire requirements

1st Round: 20-25 Minuten, repertoire for violin solo candidate has to choose between 2 programatic concepts:

  • Program concept 1:
    I: J.S. Bach 1st and 2nd movement from BWV 1001, 1003, 1005 or Ciaccona
    II: concert caprice, level Paganini Caprice
    III: one additional solo piece (complete or part) with different style form another epoch at the candidate’s choice

  • Program concept 2:
    I: a non-Bach polyphonic work for violin solo
    Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Passacaglia
    Georg Phillipp Telemann: one of the Fantasies from No 1-6
    Johann Stamitz: Divertimento D Fuga and one other movement
    Friedrich Wilhelm Rust: Solo sonatas d-minor or B-Flat major 1st + 2nd movements
    Henri Vieuxtemps: Introduction et fugue op.55 No.6
    Max Reger: one of the Präludien und Fugen from opp. 117 or 131
    Eugene Ysaye: Sonate op.27/1 1st + 2nd movements
    Bela Bartok: Solosonata 1st + 2nd movements
    II: a profound virtuosic piece for Violin solo (for example: Ernst: Last Rose, Paganini: Nel cor piu, Wieniawski: op.10 No 9 Milstein: Paganiniana, etc.)
    III: one short contrasting piece (complete or part) at the candidate’s choice

2nd Round: 30-35 minutes, 6-9 candidates performance of a recital program at the candidates choice, it must include

  • a complete or part of a violin sonata
  • a 20th or 21st century composition (clearly new musical language)
  • a virtuosic piece

Final Round: 3-4 candidates: performance with piano

  • 1st movement of a classic violin concerto from Mozart, Haydn C- major, Joseph Martin Kraus C-major, Josef Myslivecek C,F or D- major or Schubert Rondo A-major


  • 1st movement of one of the violin concertos by Beethoven, Paganini (1-4), Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, Dvorak, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Strauss or Korngold


  1. The competition takes place in three rounds August 22-25 2021 in the Bavarian Music Academy Hammelburg.
  2. The head of competition decides on the order of the competition entries.
  3. All compositions except the pieces of 20./21. century and Sonatas or Duo Violin-Piano Repertoire for must be performed by heart.
  4. The participants are responsible to observe the specified timings of the respective rounds. In the event of a time-out, the jury chairman may cancel the performance at any time. This process results in a point deduction.
  5. Up to three main prizes and other special prizes can be awarded.

Competiton Conditions

  1. The competition will take place from the 22th to the 25th of August 2021, it will be publicly executed in 3 rounds.
  2. Eligible for participation are violinists of 32 years (as of 8-8-2021) of any nationality.
  3. Registration must be finished no later than July 1st. (Postal stamp of the letter or date of sending the e-mail).
    To secure admission it must be included:
    • the complete registration form
    • proof of the transfer of the registration, piano accompanist’s and accommodation fee, which is not refundable in case of the competitor’s cancellation
    • an artistic curriculum vitae with all previous violin teachers
    • copy of the passport, identity card or birth certificate
    • he complete specification of the program
  4. The number of competitors can be limited by the competition’s board, the admission will be confirmed in writing.

  5. Arrival and departure are organized and paid by the participant.

  6. Competitors who will also participate in the 2nd International Violin Academy Hammelburg shall transmit the complete amount of fees in advance. The registration fee for external candidates is 100. These fees include the registration fee, one rehearsal for each round with one of the official pianists of the competition. The competition participants must provide sheet music for the pianists and must, upon demand send it to them before the start of the competition.

  7. Competitors are allowed to perform with their own pianist at their own expense

  8. The competition administration provides the candidates a practice room for the time of their participation.

  9. The competition organization may acoustically and visually record all artistic performances of the participants in the process of the competition events and has the right to use these recordings live or at a later date, without the contest participant having any claims for compensation. Private recordings, also on behalf of participants, are not permitted.

  10. All participants receive a diploma, the winners a certificate.

  11. Christoph Schickedanz is the competition’s artistic director and chairman of the jury, Kuno Holzheimer represents the administrative competition management and is also member of the jury. The other jury members are: Lihay Bendayan, Alfredo Garcia-Serrano, David Gillham and Kevork Mardirossian. (subject to modifications)

  12. The jury decides on the awarding of the prize in accordance with its own jury rules.

  13. The results will be announced publicly after each round. Each participant will receive individual written comments from each jury member on their performance.

  14. Jury members waive the rating

    • current students
    • participants who have had a teaching relationship during the last 5 years
    • participants who had an intensive teaching relationship (more than 15 lessons) during the past two years.
  15. Jury members can be relieved of their obligation to co-operate immediately in case of non- observance of these rules.
  16. The decisions of the jury are irrevocable.
  17. The legal process is excluded.
  18. The German text is legally binding.